Instead of showing us the real Beyoncé, if such a person exists, what this documentary shows us is that Beyoncé’s is as much a produced affair as her latest album or music video. There’s no shame in that. In fact, it might even be brilliant, that no matter what, she’s keeping herself to herself. Ultimately, Beyoncé understands her life as commodity. She understands what her audience wants. She gives us exactly that. 

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  5. vmaddesso said: "if such a person exists" - maybe a person is always many "persons"
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    I would expect nothing else. The fabrication of this “not doc” equals the fabrication to who she is. I still have never...
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    Haven’t seen it, don’t plan on seeing it, but this is brilliant.
  8. kerdea said: In response to the “great voice” thing (from a mild Beyoncé fan): it might not be pleasing to all ears, but it is definitely “great” on a vocal level—her range spans three octaves. :)
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